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DUX, founded 1926, has become a legendary bed producer, since 1988 represented in Switzerland by KIESER WOHNEN.

About us

The only way to truly experience The DUX Bed is to lie down on one. Imagine waking up each morning rested and rejuvenated. It’s possible with The DUX Bed.

You spend an average of seven hours sleeping each night, so why not settle for anything less than a quality, luxury mattress from DUXIANA.

Your best night’s sleep is possible with a DUX therapeutic mattress. Based on advanced technology, the durable luxury beds last up to four times longer than any other beds on the market thanks to interchangeable spring cassettes and quality materials.

Make an informed decision about where you spend a third of your life and try The DUX Bed. As an industry leader in bed sleep research, we are confident that our luxury beds may very well change your life.


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Tuesday - Friday: 9.00 - 12.00 and 13.30 - 18.30
Saturday: 9.00 - 16.00 (continuous)


DUXIANA / Kieser Wohnen
Augustin-Keller-Strasse 9
5600 Lenzburg
Tel: 062 891 41 08
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